Creating together full time since late 2010, mother and son Artist Duo, Linda and Theo Co-Founded Shinkle Fine Art, LLC in 2012. Theo’s younger brother, N. Douglas Shinkle, serves as a vital team member. SFA seeks is to empower, energize, and enlighten visual art viewers through their work exploring existential connections as a means to unlocking potential.

The Duo creates revolutionary mixed media sculpture known as Metalagram®, a portmanteau for “metal and “hologram”. Each Metalagram® is one-of-a-kind and created with their original artist process. The Duo’s multi-sensory Installation, known as Metalagram® Experience, achieves immersion with lighting and sound. The Duo continues to push the boundaries of art, science and technology.

In 2017 the Duo changed surname Shinkle spelling to Schinkel for their work. This original German spelling honors familial ancestor, Karl Friedrich Schinkel. See more about Karl and his influence on the Duo under Stories.