The mother/son artist duo has focused their vision on their art full time since 2010. In 2012 Linda and her two sons, Theodore and N. Douglas, founded Shinkle Fine Art, LLC to share excitement about the duo’s artwork.

The duo creates revolutionary Mixed Media sculpture known as Metalagram®, a portmanteau for “metal” and “hologram”, and have a patent pending for their original process. Each Metalagram® is one-of-a-kind, created on aluminum and explores the multiverse within worldly elements. Collectors can acquire original Metalagram® artwork, replicas of the originals known as Alu Dibond Metalagram® Replicas, and prints of their original copyrighted imagery printed on fine art paper, canvas or aluminum dibond. Their multi-sensory installation, known as the Metalagram® Experience, uses theatrical lighting and sound in synch to the Metalagram® achieving full viewer immersion.

The artist duo continues to be acclaimed by luminaries in the national and international art world as they continue to push the boundaries of art, technology, and connections in the multiverse.