Detroit's Music JAZZ
For several years the Carr Center commissioned an art installation in Paradise Valley Harmonie Park Detroit. SFA was awarded the Carr Center commission for summer 2016-2017.
“Detroit’s Music…Jazz “utilized photographic images made by six photographers of 100 jazz musicians whose careers had significance to and with Detroit. SFA also utilized photographs they made of the “Detroit’s Music” mosaic for this collaborative Installation designed, made and installed entirely by SFA.
SFA, Carr Center and the jazz photographers curated images of the who's who of Detroit jazz musicians. SFA selected and utilized imagery resulting in a truly collaborative Installation.
This synergistic work came together for an Installation in well known yet no longer present Paradise Valley, which was the epicenter of black life and Detroit jazz in the 1930s, '40s and '50s.

Multiple panels were dual sided featuring jazz musicians throughout the Installation.

Placement of every Detroit jazz musician is shown in this key. Reference is made to front and back since every panel except 1,2 and 6 have work on both sides.
Rock Financial sponsored outdoor summer concerts where the Installation serving as t stage and backdrop. The Installation made a happening location day and night.
Metalagram® artwork is interactive with varying lighting conditions. Nighttime controlled colored lighting added an interactive performance element. This effect drew viewers to a lively memorable experience similar to the ever-changing rhythm of jazz.

For Immediate Release June 24, 2016
Media Contact: Erica Banks. 313-412-0580

The Carr Center Unveils Detroit’s Music…Jazz! Installation in Paradise Valley Sponsored by the Kresge Foundation and Erb Family Foundation

June 24, 2016 – Detroit, MI, On Thursday, June 30, 2016, The Carr Center will unveil its newest installation, Detroit’s Music…Jazz! in Paradise Valley/Beatrice Buck Park. The event will begin at 4:30 PM, with a performance by Carr Center Jazz All Stars (all alumni of the Carr Center Jazz Academy) followed by the ribbon cutting and dedication of the piece designed and executed by Shinkle Fine Art, LLC. The evening will conclude with musical performance Our Songs, Our Stories, presented by Michigan Sings, Inc. as part of The Carr Center’s 2016 summer concert series, Evenings in Paradise, from 6 PM to 8 PM.

Since its inception, The Carr Center has transformed Harmonie Park into a hub for community engagement in the arts. In addition to providing music for the famed and historic Paradise Valley, The Carr Center has commissioned public art installations in Harmonie Park over the years, including the Nice Outfit installation in 2015 and The Very Thought of You ballroom exhibit in 2014.

Detroit’s Music… Jazz! is a “series of hybridized elements blurring the boundaries between architecture, art, and performance,” said Oliver Ragsdale, Jr., President & CEO, The Carr Center. The installation is inspired by the mosaic centerpiece located in the Lear Lobby of The Carr Center, aptly entitled Detroit’s Music, and is a collaborative effort between ten visual artists and six photographers, including Karen Fox, John Osler, Nina Bentley, Jim Aho, Hugh Grannum and Clyde Springer.

“The installation will create a visual jazz performance where viewers will experience the past, present and future of Detroit jazz.” said Ragsdale. “You’ve loved Detroit’s Music, the mosaic in the Carr Center’s Lear Lobby. You’ll be amazed as it’s re-imagined in Detroit’s Music: Jazz! Detroit’s Music… Jazz! is sponsored by the Kresge Foundation and Erb Family Foundation.

Commissioned by the Carr Center, this installation pays tribute to the tradition and legacy of Detroit Jazz. While not founded here, Jazz has been created, nurtured and grown in Detroit for more than a century. Detroit Jazz musicians composed the music, arranged the music, performed the music and taught the music to millions.

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About The Carr Center
The Carr Center is a creative hub located in downtown Detroit devoted to the preservation, presentation, promotion, and development of the African and African-American cultural arts traditions within our multicultural community. Each year the Carr Center engages 50,000+ metro-Detroit residents and visitors with a year-round menu of performances, exhibitions, arts education, post-graduate training, and community programs. Since moving to our home in Downtown Detroit's Paradise Valley in 2009, we have attracted guests to more than 4,000 events, classes and activities.

About Shinkle Fine Art
SHINKLE FINE ART, LLC is an internationally acclaimed art and design firm founded by mother/son Linda Shinkle Rodney and Theodore M. Shinkle. They use their original metal/digital art mixed media fusion, known as Metalagram®, to connect with viewers. They deploy their work to bring stories alive through their interactive multisensory art.