Light is particularly important for revealing the artistry of each Metalagram® artwork. Light is used both in its purest form to view the artwork and with controlled lighting to further interactivity and a more immersive experience. The Shinkles recommend the ilumi light solution as the most affordable and easy to use lighting for the Metalagram® artworks.

The Shinkle’s have experimented with combing numerous types of lights and lighting systems with their art. While several versions of lighting have been used, each providing unique advantages, a universal answer was needed. Ilumi light bulbs are designed with cutting edge technology recently developed for retail use. They are effective with the Metalagram® artworks due to the range of looks, interaction and control together with ease of use.

Ilumi is an advanced wireless lighting system in a light bulb and easy to install. No boxes, bridges, routers or other complications, ilumi is a real light bulb that fits into most standard light fixtures. As a neutral white light, the ilumi BR30 bulb creates a directional light source revealing and illuminating the artwork superior to any other retail light bulbs currently available. Depending on the size of the artwork, from one to a number of bulbs can be used from varying angles to highlight perspectives and further provide interaction with the art.

The BR30 is a wide floodlight best for overhead, recessed, or track lighting. The light produces about 1150+ lumens while only consuming ~14 watts. That’s good for the environment and the user’s pocketbook since it’s the equivalent brightness of a 75 – 100 watt incandescent with a fraction of the energy usage. Thus, the light is brighter and more efficient than any other bulb at that power consumption, lasting up to 20 years while being 5x more energy efficient than a regular bulb.

The ilumi bulbs don’t just produce an ideal neutral light, they expand upon the interaction and connectivity of Metalagram®. Using the free app, the user can adjust color and brightness or explore built-in programs to create numerous lighting experiences. The ilumi bulbs foster multisensory connections with Metalagram® art pieces by resembling theatrical lighting. Programming the lights to follow movement, or to simulate a sunrise or sunset, the ilumi bulbs allow for an ongoing dialogue, an evolving relationship with the Metalagram® artwork. Using ilumi’s circadian experience, the lights will automatically shift to colors that replicate the sun’s natural light in synch with light at the right time of day. The Shinkle’s view their Metalagram® art with the existing ilumi technology as being in synch with the forefront of innovative contemporary art. Just as technology develops, so will the varying forms of connectivity with Metalagram® artworks continue to grow.

Ilumi bulbs can be purchased through their website,, and are now available at Best Buy retail locations.