What is Metalagram®

Metalagram®, is artwork created on aluminum through a multi-layered original artist process. Hands on sculptural metal work combined with printed and painted original imagery achieves a dimensional interactive appearance. Each Metalagram® artwork is one-of-a-kind, UV protected and finished with an automotive post coat. 

For these works the artists blends old world techniques with 21st century technology.  They etch, engrave, grind, abrade and alter aluminum by hand in a sculptural manner. They print, paint and post coat each work. Imagery is created from layers of their photography and media. Technology allows them to combine mixed media techniques to create original Metalagram® work.


Highly durable Metalagram® works are archival, waterproof, and UV protected.

They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Metalagram® works are made to be passed down heirlooms for multigenerational enjoyment. 

Metalagram® works can be cleaned with damp cloths and using cleaning products similar to Windex. In the event of a scratch, the finish can be repaired similar to a car finish. Care must be used when transporting and installing as aluminum can dent upon impact.