Metalagram® Mobile, comprised of one hundred and twenty individual Metalagram® works in five individual strands, is permanently installed in three-story center stairwell at Detroit Country Day School, Beverly Hills, MI.

Metalagram® Mobiles are 3D sculptural configurations comprised of Metalagram® artworks. Metalagram® Mobiles are assembled in hanging configurations designed for specific installation spaces. These Mobiles contain a number of strands each containing multiple Metalagram® works. 

The Metalagram® Mobile path developed as an art form for spatially open areas. Such areas include center stairwells, chandeliers, foyers, atriums, corners, and plein air spaces. Limitations of 2D wall space are obviated.

Interactivity and connection are amplified with the Metalagram® Mobile. Metalagram® work in each strand individually rotate. Lighting is frequently added to enhance color and depth. Hanging artwork has arrived with the Metalagram® Mobile.

Please inquire about one-of-a-kind Metalagram® Mobile designed for your space.