Metalagram® the Message

The artist duo’s medium contains the message of worldly, spiritual and dimensional connectivity within time, space and the cosmos. Their Mixed Media, known as Metalagram®, uses the third most naturally prevalent substance on the planet – aluminum – as a canvas. Scientists believe that ubiquitous aluminum was first formed at the time of creation. Yet this highly desirable fundamental substance needs human touch for use. Together with their hands and through their unified vision the Shinkle’s explore the multiverse with their art on aluminum.

Metalagram® is about unifying connections through untapped perspective. True knowledge often goes beyond what is commonly perceived. Metalagram® takes elements of this world and offers an alternative point of view. In “The Elegant Universe”, noted physicist Brian Greene explains the multiverse theory, which says there are a vast number of parallel universes in which we may be living out different versions of our lives. These two theories explain how the universe operates but cannot be reconciled with each other. String/M theory offers an explanation for unifying General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, potentially reconciling theories of the large and the small. Einstein’s dying quest was to unify these theories; he could not abide by the idea that the world was random, stating, “God does not make mistakes”.

The Shinkle’s art offers an example of what unification can do for the world around us by inviting viewers to multi-sensory interactive experiences evoking multi-layered dimensional realities. Whether influencing our known space or by opening a portal to the beyond, the Shinkle’s art bridges diverse elements of shared space and time. Metalagram® provides a vehicle for exploring the multiverse similar to how aluminum is being used in space exploration.

The Canadian philosopher Marshal McLuhan in 1967 stated, “The medium is the message”. Similar to how the use of aluminum has developed, Metalagram® takes the organic and man-made in this world and from innovation and exploration artwork is created. The Shinkle’s message is embedded in their medium, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the Metalagram® medium influences the ability to perceive the Shinkle’s message of unification.

Inspiration for the duo’s work is derived from the realms of art, science and technology and from having studied, worked and traveled on six continents. Working as a Mother/Son duo has been a natural development. Severe dyslexia and communication challenges are multi-generational within the family. While Theodore at an early age qualified to learn Braille, the family worked together to communicate through art. Juxtaposing resilience and guidance from masters Van Gogh, Turner, Schinkel, Matisse, Dali, and Calder the duo creates original art.

Like ever-changing multi-dimensional lives, the Shinkle’s art offers varying perspectives to be experienced, discovered, re-experienced and re-discovered. Hidden components in the duo’s multi-layered art invite exploration. Serving as a guide, their layered art promotes unification between the known and unknown realms. When one can read the map, arriving at the destination becomes a reality. The Shinkle’s Metalagram® provides the map to the message contained within their medium.