Metalagram® the Message

The artist duo’s medium, hands on and technologically innovative, lives at the intersection of old world skills and 21st century technology. Art and science fuel imagination to create Mixed Media, known as Metalagram®. Earth's third most naturally prevalent substance – aluminum – is used as their canvas. An exploration of multiverses forging connections to empower, energize and enlighten lies at the core of Metalagram®.

Viewers are nudged into a journey beyond superficial appearance. Canadian philosopher, Marshal McLuhan stated, “The medium is the Message”. A symbiotic relationship between art and message is embedded in this layered work. Hidden elements invite exploration as a means to resolving difficulties, differences and unlocking potential. Their work aims to unify connections through enlarging and challenging perspective.

Noted physicist Brian Greene explains in “The Hidden Reality” that reality’s true nature may be part of a Quilted Multiverse, ours being among universes with varying features. Albert Einstein’s dying quest was to find an explanation to unify the universe and beyond. Metalagram® works invite going beyond mere appearances. Metalagram® work promotes unification among peoples, places, and beliefs. The Duo shares a guide through their work akin to a map to buried treasure. Metalagram® works are a link to messages revealed through this medium. These artworks are the product of a mother/son Artist Duo dedicated to unlocking potential.

Part of the Duo’s inspiration arises from their varied paths in life and having studied, worked and traveled on six continents. Dyslexia and communication challenges are multi-generational within the family. Theo at an early age qualified to learn Braille, but communicating through art, together with hard work, unlocked his potential. Linda had an untraditional history leading to this practice and believes every experience, failure and triumph prepared her for this work. The Duo believes this art practice choose them.

The Duo has juxtaposed resilience and guidance from the universe. Art luminaries Van Gogh, Monet, Turner, Dali, Calder, Warhol and Richter continue to inspire their practice. This Duo's original art is embedded with a message promoting resolution of differences. Metalagram® encourages experiential existential connectivity, cessation of limits, and realization of potential.