Metalagram® artworks can now be enjoyed in addition to the one-of-a-kind original pieces. Soon after the inception of Metalagram®, the Shinkle’s learned of the demand for their artwork beyond the original pieces. This is particularly evident for Metalagram® art installed in Museums and public spaces, where a like version will never again be created. Traditional paper prints fail to capture many of the qualities of the original Metalagram®. The artist duo developed a technique to both capture the metal art and the imagery of the original Metalagram®; the Metalagram® Aluminum Dibond Replica, known as Alu Dibond Replica, was created.

The Alu Dibond Replica relates to the original Metalagram® as an original oil painting relates to a giclee canvas print. Many of the distinguishing qualities of the Metalagram® artworks are achieved with the Alu Dibond Replica. Texture captured from the handcrafted metal work, along with reflective illumination, are realized in the reproduction. The primary difference between the dibond replica and original Metalagram® artwork is that while the replica process captures much of the textural and reflective qualities, light does not mix the same as with a hand sculpted original. This is because the texture on the dibond is recreated from a print, rather then being hand sculpted. See a example of how light reacts with the dibond pieces in the video below.

The aluminum dibond material used is a dense composite board with a thin layer of aluminum. Alu dibond replicates characteristics of the original aluminum used for the Metalagram® artworks similar to plywood replicating characteristics of solid wood. Aluminum dibond reacts to the environment similar to an aluminum sheet with respect to aesthetics and durability. The Alu Dibond Replicas are mounted with the same inner frame and cleat system as used for the original Metalagrams® artworks.

Alu Dibond Replicas are prints and not the handwork of the artist duo; they capture the many of the qualities of the original Metalagram® artwork at a much lower price point. They also allow the collector to have a print of an important Museum, public or large artwork for personal or office use. Often offering variations of replica prints from the original Metalagram®.