Schinkel Fine Art is now at the Moross House located at 1460 E. Jefferson, Detroit, MI 48207. This is our new studio/showroom/event space with the Detroit Secret Garden in the backyard. Schinkel Fine Art acquired this historic space May 2016.

Built in the 1840s, the Moross House is the oldest brick dwelling in the city and was placed on the National Historic Register in 1972. The property was previously used by as the Moross Museum and Detroit Garden Center.

The showroom is now open by appointment. The event space and garden are expected to open summer 2018. The Detroit Secret Garden (DSG) has nearly 6,000 sq. ft. yard, with rare plants and flowers including the reportedly oldest – or second oldest – wisteria in the Midwest. DSG and the ground floor of the Moross House will be available to lease for events, garden parties and outdoor activities.

Christopher Moross, a brick maker from France, built the Moross House in the 1840s. Christopher built two homes on the site, one to rent and the other to live in; the surviving house is now the oldest brick dwelling in the city of Detroit. It will serve as an inspiration to our art and entrepreneurship in Detroit.

Another historic resident of the home was Colonel Freeman Norvell and his family who lived in the house in the 1870s. During their residence Susan Flandreau Norvell was born in the house. Colonel Freeman fought at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 where Lee was defeated ensuring the Union’s victory. Freeman was the son of United States Senator John Norvell of Michigan. After the Civil War, Freeman was the co-owner of the Detroit Free Press while he resided in the home.