2015 Metalagram® Experience using theatrical lighting and sound.

This journey began in 2010. The artist duo explored using aluminum to communicate their feelings, energy and vision. They failed a lot and discovered some things. They learned that tools and processes on aluminum create sculptural dimensionality. They learned that combining sculptural metal work with their imagery creates one-of-a-kind works. Then they also learned that aluminum was the medium they wanted for their message.  

Metalagram® was born, a name derived from a portmanteau of “metal” and “hologram”. Then they learned that crowdsourcing generated synergy whereby the sum was greater than individual parts. Then also learned that lighting and sound combined with Metalagram® works transform into a Metalagram® Experience.

Lighting reveals sculptural layers of the Metalagram®. Colored lighting reveals artistry layers, as would a prism. Light is reflected and refracted back to viewer in accordance with angles of incidence; both from artist hand work and viewer engagement.

Surreal and realistic elements are fused in Metalagram®. 

Metal sculptural layers are created by hand on aluminum.

Metal sculptural layers are created by hand on aluminum.

Installation of Metalagram® Mobile in three-story center stairwell at Detroit Country Day School, Beverly Hills MI.

Metalagram® Crowdsourcing installed at Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bloomfield Hills MI 2014 – present (2020).

Dibond Replica made from original Metalagram® installed at Museum. 

Metalagram® Experience, launched at ArtPrize 2013, combines Metalgram® artwork with theatrical lighting and sound designed for the work.

Metalagram® Experience explained by Maggie Allesee, leading Detroit Arts patron.

Lighting system prototype debuted at OneSpark Festival 2014.

Shadowbox lighting system installation at Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum.

Metalagram® artwork with custom lighting.

Metalagram® found the duo as much as they discovered the process. Metalagram® is made from art and science. Metalagram® works connect with viewers and with this world. Metalagram® engages and promotes varying perspective. Metalagram® gives to viewers, on this journey called life, a tool to unlocking potential.