In 2010 the artist duo began exploring art techniques as a means to communicate their vision. They learned that different tools and processes on metal create dimensionality similar to a holographic-like effect. The duo then experimented with aligning their imagery with metal sculpture. By doing so they developed an original artist process to express their vision, creating one-of-a-kind mixed media sculpture known as Metalagram® (a portmanteau of “metal” and “hologram”). The artists had a soft launch for their explorative artwork at ArtExpo New York 2012, and then launched at Red Dot for Art Basel Miami Season 2012. They have a patent pending for their process and are award winning for their art.

Highly reflective aluminum is used as the vehicle for interaction with viewers. Light is reflected and refracted in various directions depending on the type and amount of metal sculpture and angle of incidence. Dynamic lighting awakens another layer of perception to their multidimensional art.

The duo meshes the movement and feel of reality with the influence and sense of the surreal, creating a realm transcending the two-dimensional surface. Feelings glimpsing the beyond become real.

First, imagery is created using the Shinkle’s photography/digital media. Metal sculpture is then designed to align with the photographic/digital media. Next, numerous artistic processes are employed including organic etching influenced by batik masking, drawing and painting with industrial tools, and abrading the metal. The duo’s art exploration and incorporation of processes and techniques continues to expand.

By combining exploration on metal with digital imagery the duo creates two-dimensional mixed media sculpture exploring the multiverse within worldly elements. Each Metalagram® artwork is created by the Shinkle’s hands, with no two Metalagram® artworks being alike. Imagery is highly limited, copyrighted and created entirely from photographic shoots across six continents and their digital artwork.

The Metalagram® process and resulting artwork continues to expand. The Metalagram® Mobile was developed in 2014. Using multiple Metalagram® panels, the Mobile creates a suspended three-dimensional artwork not restricted to wall space. Each individual panel has the ability to rotate independently, intensifying the interactive and holographic-like qualities. For more information on the Metalagram® Mobile follow the link.

Metalagram® is about unifying connections through untapped perspective. The heightened energies of crowdsourcing art amplify this understanding for viewers and collaborators. The duo has created Metalagram® artwork with all ages of individuals, including groups and charities across the country resulting in a range of artwork from large-scale installations to individual pieces. The duo can also incorporate imagery generated by others into their art. Each Metalagram® artwork is created by the Shinkle’s hands, or by collaborating with others, on aluminum combined with their imagery. Through making art with others the duo believes they create artwork greater than the sum of its parts. For more information regarding creating art collaboratively with the Shinkle’s, click on the crowdsourced Metalagram® section.

After creating these meaningful crowdsourced pieces, the Shinkle’s wanted to extend the influence of their art beyond singular installations. The duo sought to create authentic replicas of their crowdsourced and original artwork. They devised a technique to both capture the metal sculpture and the imagery of the original Metalagram®. The Metalagram® replica on aluminum dibond closely resembles the aesthetics of the original artwork. Go to the Alu Dibond Metalagram® Replica page for more information. Below see an example of the Alu Dibond Metalagram® Replica made from “Universal Alliance”, the permanent installation at the Cranbrook Science Mueseum.

The duo discovered that the metal pieces looked and felt differently depending on time and location. Realizing the art is alive; each having a distinctive feel, a distinguishing essence. Portions of the Metalagram® are revealed, others hidden, depending on time of day, perspective, and light in the art space. Light bounces off the aluminum artwork, reflecting and refracting back through the printed image, creating the sensation of movement and life. Directional light sources are desirable for optimal viewing.

The artists then began experimenting with controlling conditions, including adding a sound component, to expand the reach of their art. The capabilities of dynamic lighting were realized at Artprize 2013, where for the first time Metalagram® was influenced by the art form of theatrical lighting.

The Metalagram® Experience, launched at ArtPrize 2013, combines Metalagram® artwork with lighting and sound designed to the art piece. Whether performed, and or programmed in synch to the Metalagram® artwork, the experience taps deeply into one’s senses. Metalagram® artwork is designed to be shown without the experience, however the experience amplifies sensory perception. Possibilities abound ranging from creating the look of outside weather, matching mood and movement in a space, or synchronizing to a musical score – from minimal to comprehensive looks. As technology advances, so will the Metalagram® Experience, further expanding and enriching connections. Please inquire about having the Metalagram® Experience at your next charity, corporate or private event.

The Shinkle’s were inspired to instill the Metalagram® Experience into more of their work. The duo developed a prototype integrated lighting system, debuting at One Spark 2014, with the goal of recreating the theatrical lighting. This art light, while still in development, is available on a per-order basis with custom design and logistics. A market ready light system is available in a shadowbox. Two rows of LEDs, along the top and bottom of the frame make for a controllable and contained light source operated by a small remote. The video sample below shows an example of this system used on their art piece “Oden” one part of the “Son’s of Borr” artwork.

A variation of the shadowbox light system is utilized for the duo’s installation at the Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum.

As technological advancements are made, so will the Metalagram® Experience. Connecting the light system with individually addressable LEDs to a microcontroller attached to the back frame of the art offers limitless possibilities. This provides mixed and dynamic lighting effects similar to those created by theatrical lights. Still being developed, several working prototypes of the individually addressable light system have been made.

While the integrated art light works exceptionally well in creating intricate lighting looks and effects, the Shinkle’s recognized that the integrated lighting system had limitations. They decided a simpler, more economical interpretation of controllable lighting was needed. Ted researched innovative lighting and found the perfect paring with the company ilumi, who manufactures blue tooth controllable LED light bulbs. The lights are controlled with a mobile application and screw into any standard medium base light socket. Follow the link to the: Metalagram® Light Solution section to learn more about the ilumi light solution with Metalagram® artwork.

Metalagram® is a creation of destiny; it found the duo just as much as they discovered the process. Honoring practices of the past while utilizing current technology Metalagram® is the ideal art medium for the world. Collaborating and interacting at all stages of creation, performance, and consumption Metalagram® artwork’s capacity to unify grows. Metalagram®, connected to this world and uncovering the link to others, allows for the perspective necessary to reach one’s potential.