Metalagram® NFTs

Metalagram® NFT are a combination of disciplines that would not co-exist except for this medium. They’re a three-part combination of the Metalagram® artwork, dynamic lighting composition, and a single or multiple digital layers. Mixing the analog techniques and the digital realm creates an artwork that is truly orginal. To our knowledge this is the only type of digital work that combines these layers. There are two types of Metalagram® NFTs – one with moving images and the second with static images.

Ownership of a motion NFT provides access to a high resolution file of the artwork. The collector will have the right to select a frame from the artwork to print or alternately, the artists will choose the frame to print for you. With the static NFT only the NFT collector has the right to acquire and own a print of the static NFT.

Metal Artwork1st Layer: Metal artwork

Metal Artwork2nd Layer: Dynamic lighting on Metal Artwork

NFT3rd Layer: Complete Motion NFT with Digital Layer

Metalagram® NFTs derive from the creation and design of their Metalamirror™ artworks. In certain situations and installations they are projected on the metal layer of the Metalamirror™. Mixing the digital back with the physical for real world utility from the NFT.

Schinkel Fine Art has released several artist proof Metalagram® NFTs and will be releasing a preview collection to coincide with their exhibition at Aqua Art Miami 2022, part of Miami Art Basel week 2022. Visit their OpenSea page and view their works at